AH-1W Cobra 700 size fuselage kit

AH-1W Cobra 700 size fuselage kit

The first coop with Approach Engineering and Robcon has produced the 1/8 scale Cobra AH-1 Whiskey. The kit contains balsa and plywood to build a wooden fuselage and many prefabricated parts like cockpit canopy and doghouse, air intakes and exhaust pipes, nose section, stabilizer wings and wing bomb racks allowing the builder getting quicker air borne with his project.
Robcon has also developed many highly detailed extra parts like cockpit panels for pilot and gunner, the forward gun with sensor and the weapons to dress up the bomb racks and wings. New type of exhausts and scale rotor blades are in the making and they will be released shortly after the kit’s release.
Everything will be available for purchase on our website: www.robcon-rc.com.
This AH-1W model was designed around the Trex 600 and 700 mechanisms for electric propulsion. Electric models are perfectly suited to the narrow Cobra, new in this fuselage is completely scale Aluminum tubular landing gear to complete it's scale appearance. The Cobra is one of the most popular military fuselages available and our Cobra includes every scale detail pictured in this section. Each kit includes the TSU (telescopic sight unit), 20mm three-barrel cannon.
The Cobra will accommodate up to a rotorspan of 72" [182.8cm] but due to its lightweight, can accept smaller or electric 600 class mechanics. In choosing a mechanics, not all types will fit with a full cockpit. Every detail shown in this section is included with the fuselage. New modelers should be aware that between opening your new AH-1W Cobra fuselage and finishing the model can take between 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how much time you can commit to building and finishing. Extra care and preparations are needed to protect the interior of your model when you decide to fly your Cobra with an internal combustion motor.

Compatible Models List:
• Trex 700
• Trex 600
• Many other electric tail shaft driven mechanics)
• Robcon scale Mechanics

  • Details

    Length: 70.5"
    Width: 17"
    Height: 16"
    Weight: 15Lbs
    Rotor size: 600 to 800 size blades

    Feature List:
    • High quality laser cut balsa and plywood interlocking parts.
    • Clear windows included for the windshield and upper cockpit windows.
    • Fiberglass upper top fairing to save weight and shaping work.
    • Upper transmission bay and cockpit easily detaches to access mechanics.
    • 20mm Cannon & TSU turret included.
    • Cast resin fairing and intakes for faster and more accurate building
    • Scale 20mm three-barrel cannon with provisions for optional control servo.
    • Universal Contour tail drive system included for 5mm takeoff shafts.
    • Removable fiberglass canopy area for electric flight battery.
    • Aluminum scale skid carriers and landing gear.
    • Step by step instruction manual with construction photographs & full size plan.

    Required & Optional Items:
    • .75 to 1oz fiberglass and epoxy or polyester resin
    • Optional: Flexible pushrod & mini servo to actuate the front 20mm cannon rotation.

    Robcon Accessories and Details Separately Available
    5010-1 / Canopy fiber glass
    5010-2 / Doghouse fiberglass
    5010-3 / Tail cone fiberglass
    5010-4 / Gun mantle
    5010-5 / Wing tip bomb rack holder
    5010-6 / Air intake Resin
    5010-7 / Exhaust Resin
    5010-8 / Nose section resin
    5010-9 / Stabilizer winglets
    5011 / Scale cockpit pilot and copilot
    5012/ 1/8 AH-1W super scale TSU
    5013 / Scale gun


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