Super compact design

10 & 12 mm main shaft design

Genuine KDE main gear

Upgraded hardware & bearings

3 or 4 servo eCCPM setup

We are happy to introduce our new scale mechanics.  we were tired of using helicopter mechanics that were designed for 3D use and throwing half of them away (skids, flybarred head, boom, boom supports, etc...)  we set out to design a mechanic that only had the bare essentials (no battery trays, etc..) with the motor behind the main shaft so they fit inside the dog house .  The system uses 2 motors run in governor mode so an RPM can be set for the main rotor and the tail rotor.  there have been systems that try to do this, but they force you to have the motor and the speed control to be in the tail where they hurt the CG.  The mechanics were designed to be modular, there is a 10 and a 12 mm version and a multitude of ways to mount the mechanics.  Check out the download link to see how small these mechanics really are.

Robcon Scale Mechanic


Click here for template

Driven Tail Drive for Robcon Mechanic

Some people prefer to use a traditional driven tail over the new 2 motor system.

for those applications we have developed this belt driven conversion to be installed instead of the second motor.  It uses a 6mm belt and 2 timing pulleys so that the ratio between the head and the tail can still be adjusted to the users needs.  the stock set up is 1:6 because we figure that most people will run a lower head speed to begin with. we can help you figure out what ratio you need if you need something custom, just let us on the contact page.


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